Pembrokeshire Leftovers

A mix of leftover records from Haverfordwest.  There’s a single with a ballet lesson I found in the Greenacres animal welfare shop and four 12inch’s brought into the unit by Sam Knight.  They are Max Boyce – The World of Max Boyce; Alan Tew Orchestra – The Magnificent Westerns; Flash in the Pan – Waiting for a Train; 3 Brass Monkeys – Hear No Evil/See no Sound

Frames of Reference

Picture Frame Seduction - Hand of the RiderID: 3993
Picture Frame Seduction – Hand of the Rider

When I started looking at music connections to Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire I found mention of a punk band called ‘Picture Frame Seduction’.  Although I had never heard them, I remembered the band name from years ago as Steve Parkin, a good friend of my oldest brother, was in the band. Wikipedia tells me he was the bassist from 1984-87.

‘Picture Frame Seduction’ still continue to play and record with original member Keith Haynes and in 2012 their 1985 album ‘Hand of the Rider’ was reissued on vinyl. I found a copy through Discogs.

I asked my brother if he had any original vinyl from the time and he found me this compilation, it is badly warped but will still play (sort of).
A Kick up the Arse - Volume 1ID: 3992  Various Artists – A Kick up the Arse

Records of Records, Collection & Connection

So the collection and the database continue to grow.
About half the records in the database say where the records came from, and some have specific information as to why I was there.  ‘Haverfordwest dentist run’ refers to a visit to the emergency dentist to have an excruciating tooth pulled.  I remember wandering around the town with a numb jaw, trying not to dribble.  ‘Haverfordwest, Mothers Day Outing 09’ speaks for itself, my mum loved a day out in Haverfordwest.   2016-09-08-00-42-31