Since 2003 I have been working with a collection of old record players and found audio equipment creating installations, sound works, and videos using a collection of over 4000 12”, around 2000 7” and around 1000 10” records covering all musical genres and collected from charity shops, boot sales and donated by friends, relatives and colleagues.

The collection is not about preservation, it is a functional collection and many of the records are in very poor condition, all are treated with equal care (or lack of care).

Within installations and performances, and via the use of new media, web casting, and social networking as methods of distribution and exhibition, the work often facilitates interactivity and participation both locally and globally, offering up experiences of the creative act as a collective event.

I am particularly interested in vinyl as a personal memory trigger, it’s status as a musical format past and present and the physicality of manipulating sound possible with it. Using found objects and consumer hifi equipment, performances embrace the restrictions and idiosyncrasies of old and broken machines and degraded media, and explore ‘failure’ as a compositional device.

There are a whole load of archived recordings on my old website here along with links through to other collaborative projects,