Music of the Spheres

A circle in 12 parts has a core of vinyl records selected accorded to the sign of the zodiac and planetary ruler. Most of the planets are represented by Holst’s planet suite and I have a number of different orchestral versions in the collection as well as a couple of interesting electronic versions.

For the Moon (Ruling planet of Cancer) I have been playing with a varied selection of records with Moon themed tracks including Moonlight Sonata and Claire de Lune.

There are obviously a lot more Moon themed tracks in the collection, Moon River, Blue Moon, Paper Moon etc but I wanted to avoid vocals and keep the instrumentation similar to the other planets’ tracks.
I also found some Sun themed tracks on vinyl with similar instrumentation to play with for Leo.

A circle in 12 parts: Taurus

A live audio visual improvisation with images, video and vinyl selection from this years guest Taurus, Maura Hazelden:

An aural & visual dance duet, a reminder of birthdays past, I so enjoyed the immersion in apple blossom. 

It was great to feel a bit creative and to be creative in collaboration. I had thought I might use some of my work in terms of images but somehow it became a personal journey of images from birthdays & my life, some friends…photos of me (I’m not always fond of having my photo taken except in my work!), of a place close to my heart now gone, food and bluebell wood walks for my birthday, and … apple blossom.
How have I never made a link between Lily the Pink and my series of works with pink lilies?

I would like to apologise for both of us not realising that soundcloud advertising would slip in, and my lack of speed in silencing it! I might be a Quaker but I don’t endorse Franklin Graham…this is not a love song…

Thank you Jake for the invitation and a creative afternoon with plenty of joy! I am inspired to relook at some of my language/sound work and do some re-creation.

Are baby be beeping…postman puppy rabbits