Gwlad y Delyn – Land of the Harp

Continuing a celebration of Wales and Welsh music here are a few 7inch singles with harps on the covers…

2017-01-06 13.04.182018-08-19 13.33.042018-08-19 13.37.042018-08-19 13.37.40

In 2017 I made this short film about John Roberts, ‘Telynor Cymru’, with folklorist Peter Stevenson and harpist Harriet Earis.

And here are some album covers with harps on too…

Cor Telyn Teilo

The Harp of Wales - Telyn Cymru - Cyfrol 2

Cor Telyn Teilo - Anrheg Penblwydd

Janet a Glenda

Ar Log II

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