Listing can be fun

In 2006 I bought an enormous amount of records as a job lot from a garage in St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire.  I was living in Llechryd at the time and had a great barn to store them in while my good friend Sam Knight made some shelving units to hold them.
Vinyl in the barn
Fully Shelved 1
Fully shelved in Llechryd

Once on the shelves I started to make a database of all the records I have, including a fair amount from before the mass purchase. There are actually four databases, one for 12 inch records, one for 7 inch, one for 10 inch and one for all the others.  They look something like this….


These have grown over the years following and have about 4000 entries in the 12 inch, 2000 7 inch and 1000 10 inch.  They mostly include track listings and many have an entry in the comment field to remind me where they came from.  This lets me find multiple versions of a track or identify records that came from the same place.
Haverfordwest & Pembrokeshire lists

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