Vinyl is Alive!

As part of Absent but not Forgotten and in celebration of the Halloween season, the small exhibition of records in Bara Menyn Bakehouse, Cardigan has transformed…


Absent but not Forgotten is an ongoing, experimental art project formed in 2010 by west Wales artists, Kathryn Campbell Dodd and Jacob Whittaker.

Their work explores and alludes to ideas of the paranormal, ghost hunting and the propensity to search for supernatural explanations to unexpected and unexplained phenomena.

With a particular interest in the visual aesthetics of the genre, this changing selection of records combines rock and pop, classic soundtracks, spoken word and sound effects to explore the diverse and evocative imagery in celebration of the Halloween season.

Absent but not Forgotten are also currently in the Oriel Blodau Bach gallery with a new work, Something Strange in the Neighbourhood.  The exhibition runs until November 16th.